Joules rocks!

Joules kicks ass! Joules blows your mind! And your eardrums! Joules Rocks!

But seriously. Joules is the most charming band of all times. Born and bred in the center of the universe they breathe fire and piss whiskey. When they're not on one of their world-spanning tours they like to kick back with plenty of pharmaceutical stimulants and two-dollar whores.

Keep it real homies!

david lenny utzi

No really, it's all true.

Joules first came together in mid 2003. After a few jam sessions over the course of the following months, our singer left us in pursuit of happiness and Joules continued as a power-trio.

Progress is very slow as we all have jobs and social lives but we steadily increase our repertoire of original songs.

We like to describe our sound as High Octane Rock or Blues or Folk but those are just labels for some kickass music. Undoubtedly if you listen to it you'll hear our influences and we didn't want to bias anyone in any way.

So, head over to the music pages and check out the sounds or, click below for some more band pictures.

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