Kick out the jams

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This is a growing collection of jams recorded during rehearsals. Some of these evolved into songs, others didn't, some may still become songs. A few of them are quite long and are potentially sleep-inducing.

Check back from time to time to see if we added more mind-blowing stuff.


And don't steal any of these, we'll find you.

  1. Haze (Recorded on 8.3.2011, David finds out about the concept of ghost notes)
  2. Yawning Joules (A recent screw-up, this was in a seperate collection, moved here now.)
  3. Jam 2 (jamming on 12.9.2012)
  4. Jam 2-289 (jamming on 16.5.2012)
  5. Jam 3 (more jamming on 12.9.2012)
  6. Jam 4 (jamming on 30.5.2012)
  7. Jam (jamming on 26.8.2012)
  8. Endless Jam (endless jamming on 7.12.2011)

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